From the recording Where Was I Going


You came in from the east just a little after midnight,
I felt the heat increase when you looked into my eyes.
You pointed on ahead, and took one step away;
With a tiny sense of dread, I went with you that day.

Where was I going,
When I was following you?
There was no way of knowing,
What you were leading me to.

So many years went by
As we circled the earth,
And we always did try to
Get our money's worth.
Didn't slow down in the fall,
Or notice the bad weather,
We saw and did it all in our time together.

Where was I going,
When I was following you?
The decades kept on showing.
a path so straight and true.

Now the journey has ended,
For the one I love so dear.
I guess GOd never intended,
To leave us alone here.
There are no real goodbyes when the last church bells tolls.
True love never ever dies,
It lives on within our souls.

Where will I be going,
When I'll be following you!
The water of life will be flowing,
A path so straight and true,
Where we'll start our life anew.

I still look east at sunrise
Everyday that I'm alive,
And I'll still be surprised the next time
You arrive.