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ChordSlinger n Lola

To Feel It is to Understand

Hi! Here is the story of ChordSlinger n Lola. It has been an interesting journey. ChordSlinger and Lola de Hanna met on an internet site called T61 a year and a half ago and tried some collaborations. We were both pleasantly surprised and excited by the overwhelmingly positive response from listeners. So, we kept writing songs and playing because we like to do it, and people liked listening. A while back we realized that we were evolving and decided to take some new music to the studio to see what we could do and give it our best shot to see where all of this might lead. When we did, we forged our identity as ChordSlinger n Lola.

In recent months, we have been courted by several smaller labels, but are more interested in getting representation from a large A & R company. That is our current goal. We have a lot of momentum right now and are looking aggressively for the right one. We would like to use them as a springboard to find a label that is a good match.

In the beginning our music was about political themes, but our hearts were about emotions and feelings, and politics is only part of that. So, we went to the studio and did songs about emotions, particularly about emotions at points in time. Since releasing those songs, we have risen very quickly to #115 out of 1.2 million artists globally on the Reverbnation charts and are ranked #7 in the U.S. in pop. We had similar results on several other sites, but have focused our recent efforts on ReverbNation as there are more listeners there.